Amphora with three handles

Amphora with three handles

Cultural context: workshop from Murano

Date: fist/second half of the 16th century A.D.


Glass amphora with trumpet-shaped pedestal foot, ovoid body and rounded shoulder. The neck is flared with rounded and flatted rim. The vase has three handles, rim to shoulder. Decoration has been incised with diamond and organized in three superimposed registers with geometric and vegetable motifs and false flutings over the lower part. Handles are decorated with gilding details. By comparison with similar works which come from a ship wracked in Gnalić (Dalmatian coast) in the second half of the16th century A.D., scholars suggest the amphora has been made by a workshop from Murano around the half/second half of the 16th century A.D.

Materials and techniques: glassblowing/ engraved with diamond/ gliding and cold-enamelled

Dimensions: height 27.4 cm, diameter 13.9 cm (rim diameter 9.3 cm)

Provenance: Mantova Benavides Collection, Padua; Vallisneri Collection, Padua

University of Padua, Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art

Cat. Number: MB118


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