Cast of a male right foot


Subject: male right foot

Cultural context: Renaissance period / local workshop, Veneto region, Italy

Date: 16th century A.D.


Cast of a male over-sized right foot, wearing a Roman parade boot, named in latin mulleus. This cast is an integrated copy of a marble fragment from a Roman statue found in Vicenza and now held at the Archaeological and Naturalistic Museum in Vicenza. The marble has been dated to the Augustan age (last decades of the first century B.C.- early first century A.D.). Scholars (see Miglioranzi) argued that the cast arrived in the Mantova Benavides Collection through an artist, Bartolomeo Ammannati, who worked both in Vicenza for the Gualdo family and in Padua for the Mantova Benavides. Nevertheless, a direct link between Marco Mantova Benavides and Valerio Belli, an artist from Vicenza, is also possible.

Materials and techniques: plaster / casted and moulded

Dimensions: height 13.5 cm, lenght 23.2 cm, width 16.5 cm

Provenance: Mantova Benavides Collection, Padua; Vallisneri Collection, Padua

University of Padua, Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art

Cat. Number: MB45


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